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The British International School Internships

20. studenog 2018. | Oglasi

The British International School ( is always looking for highly motivated and talented interns to join its team and put their knowledge into practice. An internship with us represents an enriching opportunity for the candidate to experience a dynamic working environment and to acquire and improve professional skills in a stimulating international setting.

Students can apply sending their CV to or follow this link to apply through website: internship request

Available positions:

Travel Services Assistant: Click here for the printable job description
▪ Selling touristic programmes and services to potential clients.
▪ Dealing with programme planning.
▪ Interacting directly with potential, new and existing suppliers (accommodation, transports, restaurants, tour guides and activity centres).
▪ Making and confirming bookings with suppliers.
▪ Looking after and assisting incoming groups of students and individual tourists.
▪ Welcoming the students and tourist at the airport and accompanying them throughout London.
▪ Registering purchases and sales invoices, bank statements and other relevant documents.

Human Resources Assistant: Click here for the printable job description
▪ Creating Universities databases and contacting them in order to recruit potential Interns.
▪ Assisting the HR Manager in selecting interns, planning and arranging their internships.
▪ Dealing with the daily management of the Interns in-house (holidays, overtime, shifts, during and post-internship documents). 
▪ Administrative tasks related to the daily business.

Creative Assistant: Click here for the printable job description
▪ Creating several visual supports such as logos, brochures and advertising images.
▪ Developing web pages and managing webmaster tools and plug-ins.
▪ Management of Social Media networks.

The internships within our company are of a minimum of 3 months, with a minimum requirement of level B2 in English. At home institution you can apply for ERASMUS+ grant: click here for info

If you have any queries contact at: