Studying at EFST


Courses* catalogue for a.y. 2018/2019 for students following lectures in English language:


winter/autumn semester  


Course title

  Business Communication 4
  Business English V 2
  Business Information Systems 5
  Consumer Behavior 5
  Entrepreneurship 5
  Human Resources Management 5
  International Economics I 6
  Management 6
  Marketing Research 5
  Regional Economics 5
  Statistical Analysis 5


spring/summer semester 


Course title

  Business English IV 2
  Business English VI 2
  Business Planning 4
  Contemporary Economic Theories 6
  Croatian Economy 6
  Destination Marketing 5
  E-Business 5
  Entrepreneurial Planning 5
  Financial Institutions and Markets 5
  Financial Management 1 5
  Hotel Information Systems 5
  Introduction to Tourism 6
  Marketing Strategies 5



winter/autumn semester 


Course title

  Change Management 5
  Crisis Management 5
  English for Finance and Accounting 5
  EU Economic Policy 5
  Marketing Management 5
  Methodology of Economic Research 5
  Multidimensional Information Systems 5
  Political Economics of Globalisation 5
  Special Interest Tourism 5


spring/summer semester


Course title 

  Auditing 5
  Business Decision Making 5
  Environmental Economics 5
  Financial Modeling 5
  International Financial Management 5
  Macroeconomic Management 5
  Marketing Communication 5
  Marketing Management for Non-Profit and Public Organisations 5
  Organisation Design 5
  Strategic Management 5


*Lectures are entirely delivered in English language. Courses are subject to change. 

Students can also select following semestral courses* delivered at the Faculty of Philosophy in both semesters for UG and G students:

- Croatian Language for Foreigners 1 (5 ECTS) - basic user 

- Croatian Language for Foreigners 2 (5 ECTS) - independet user 

- Croatian Language for Foreigners 3 (5 ECTS) - proficient user 

- Croatian Culture and Civilization I (5 ECTS)

- Croatian Culture and Civilization II (5 ECTS) 

* A separate Transcript of records is issued by the Faculty of Philosophy.


Students following lectures in Croatian language can select courses here

Receiving instituion details to be filled in Learning Agreement:

Name: University of Split

Faculty: Economics

Address: Cvite Fiskovića 5, 21000 Split 

Erasmus code: HR SPLIT01

Contact person (Administrative Coordinator): Danijela Coppola, Dept. ERASMUS Coordinator, T: +385 21 430 706, email:

Responsible person  (Academic Coordinator): prof. Ante Rozga, Dept. ECTS Coordinator, T: +385 21 430 649, email:

  • ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2018/2019 

Winter semester:  beginning October 2018 - end January 2019
Winter examination period: end January 2019 - end February 2019
Summer semester: end February 26, 2019 - mid. June 2019
Summer examination period: mid. June 2019 - mid. July 2019


1. Students should respect scheduled examination period. Individual examination schedule with professor is not possible. Early departure for a/w semester students is beginning February and for s/s semester students is end June.

2. Nevertheless dates of arrival and departure students insert in his/her application documents and official semester’s start and end dates in the host institution Letter of Acceptance, the dates which will be inserted in his/her Confirmation of arrival and departure and on which basis home institution will calculate grant amount are:
- date of arrival is the first day the student has been present at the host institution for academic reasons, e.g. first course or welcoming event organised by the host institution,
- date of departure is the is the last day the student has been present at the host institution for academic reasons, e.g. last exam passed.

Students are strongly invited to respect this Programme rule and make this note to home coordinator before signing grant agreement with home institution.

Holidays in a.y. 2017/2018: 

January 1 - New Year’s  Day
January 6 - Three Kings Day (The Epiphany) 
April 1-2 - Easter and Easter Monday
May 1 - Labour Day
May 7 - City Patron Saint`s Feast Day 
May 31 - Corpus Christi
June 22 - Anti Fascism Day (Insurrection Day)
June 25 - Statehood Day 
August 5 - Liberation Day
August 15 - Feast of the Assumption
October 8 - Independence Day
November 1 - All Saint’s Day
December 25 - Christmas
December 26 - Boxing Day (St. Stephen’s Day)


The application process differs depending on the status of incoming students and the type of the study programme they are enrolling in.

Types of incoming student status in Croatia are:

  1. Exchange students (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Ministry’s bilateral programmes and institutional agreements),
  2. Guest students (free-movers),
  3. Degree-seeking students (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate).

Tuition fee applies to guest and degree seeking students. Fee for guest students is calculated in accordance with the number of ECTS credits a student is enrolled in, where 1 ECTS equals 117 HRK.

    • Exchange and guest students



Student Application Form (mandatory form)
Learning Agreement (can be used home institution form) 

Accommodation form* -  please read carefully GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Transcript of records (ToR) signed and sealed issued by the home institution (in English language). Graduate level students should provide also undergraduate llevel ToR,

-  minimum B2 level English langauge level certificate issued by home institution or one of the listed certificates:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – band 6
  • TOEFL internet based test IBT 60
  • BEC (Business English Certificate) – levels Vantage and Higher
  • Cambridge English: First (FCE) - grade A
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

* There is a limited number of beds in Student residence for ERASMUS+ students at the University of Split, therefore the accommodation to all ERASMUS+ students can not be guaranteed. Students with severe disability will be given preference.


Student Application Form (mandatory form)

Learning Agreement (mandatory form)


Transcript of records (ToR) issued by the home institution (in English language). Graduate level students should provide also undergraduate llevel ToR,

 - minimum B2 level English langauge level certificate issued by home institution or one of the listed certificates:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – band 5
  • BEC (Business English Certificate) – level Vantage and Higher
  • Cambridge English: First (FCE) - grade A
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

** Before applying students have to contact International Relations Officer and check the quota availability. The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports arranges housing for their bilateral programmes and CEEPUS students. Institutional bilateral agreement students are not entitled to student residence accommodation.



Winter semester: 1 April - 1 June

Summer semester: 1 September - 1 November


Winter semester: 15 June

Summer semester: 15 November


Scan of Application form, Learning Agreement filled in electronically, signed and sealed along with Transcript/s of Records and as above requested English language certifiate are to be emailed to dcoppola(et)  Hard copies are not requested.

Accommodation form for ERASMUS+ students (if relevant) is to be emailed to: erasmu(et) .

    • Degree seeking students

Before application at the Faculty, all degree seeking students must undergo the process of recognition of foreign educational qualifications for the purpose of continuation of education in Croatia. Students  who wish to apply for undergraduate study programmes at the Faculty should send their high school diplomas and results of school-leaving exams to the Department of Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications at the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports where they will undergo a process of recognition.

More information on recognition of foreign secondary school qualifications can be found (in Croatian language) here

Information about the application procedure for undergraduate study programmes here

Students who wish to apply for graduate or postgraduate study programmes at the Faculty, have to request academic recognition of the foreign higher education qualification or degree. It is administrated by the Office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications:

University of Split

Office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications

Livanjska 5/1

21000 Split


contact person:

Dubravka Radas, dipl.iur

phone: +385 21 558 208 


Faculty does not deliver any degree study programmes in English language. Croatian language B2 level certificate issued by the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Split is required. 

Once the process of recognition of foreign educational qualifications has been completed, prospective international graduate and postgraduate students should contact the Faculty’s International Relations Officer .


At the Welcoming event (email notification about time and place will be provided from university office), student will be given:

- confirmation of arrival - if there is home institution format document, students should bring it at Welcoming event, 

- record sheet ("index") in which professors will insert examination results, 

- student X-card - ERASMUS+, CEEPUS students, students of bilateral programmes of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and EU students - see section Living in Split, sub-section Food. Cost of the card is 62,50 HRK (ca. 8,33 €uro). Instruction for payment will be given at event,

- account password - contact person is IT Administrator, Mr. Velimir Skroza  (anex building, 1st floor, office n. 121). Students having EDUROM access at home institution should adjust settings on their devices before arrival,

- confirmation of enrolment for bus card issuance and residence permit registration.

Lectures timetable along with halls plan will be emailed to students before Welcoming Event. 


Each course unit consists of 15 teaching weeks per semester.

Weekly schedule for teaching the course units according to the number of ECTS credits:

  •  5 or 6 ECTS credits equals 2 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical classes; 
  • 4 ECTS equals 2 hours of theory and 1 hour of practical classes; 
  • 4 ECTS credits for foreign languages equals 1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practical classes;
  • 2 or 3 ECTS credits equals 1 hour of theory and 1 hour of practical. 

Total student workload for 1 ECTS is 30 hours. 

In some courses there are assignments such as monthly tests, short class tests, homework, papers, project and team work, etc. Certain percentage of attendance of lectures (theory classes) and exercises (practical classes) is prerequisite for taking the exam (% varies from course to course).

There are preliminary written exams (kolokviji) held during the semester or exams (ispiti) held at the end of each semester during four-week examination sessions (see academic calendar above). Exam consists of a written and oral examination. 


Grades are given from 1 to 5, 5 is the highest and 2 represents the pass. Croatian grading scheme is:

Local grades ECTS grade % of successful students normaly achiving this grade
(5) EXCELLENT: Outstanding performance A 15
(4) VERY GOOD: Above-average standard but with some wrrors B 35
(3) GOOD: Generally soulds work with a number of notable errors C 35
(2) SUFFICIENT: Performance meets the minimum criteria D, E 15
(1) FAIL: More work required before credit can be awarded FX, F -

Conversion of Croatian grades in incoming student's national grade system is made by student's home institution Departmental ECTS Coordinator upon receiving student's ToR with attached table of Croatian grading scheme.


will be issued in the period from February 15 until March 15 (for winter semester students) or from July 01 until August 01 (for summer semester or both semesters students) and emailed+mailed to student and/or home institution coordinator (as indicated by student). Prerequisites for the issuance of the ToR are given back index" filled in with grades, book/s given back to the library and provided copy of the document confirming regulated residence permit to Ms. Danijela Coppola. In ToR provided is table with Croatian grading scheme.


Center for Croatian Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Split offers the following possibilities of learning Croatian language:

1. semestral course (5 ECTS) - 3 levels of language proficiency compared to CEFR 2. Summer School of Croatian Language and Culture - 3 weeks course in July

Contact info: Josip Lasić:

Course fee is 400 HRK. It is free of charge for ERASMUS+ students.


  ERASMUS+ student outgoing in winter semester 2014/2015 to Sodertorn University, Sweden - Explore and enjoy by Martina Musa